Meet Melissa

It started with myself as the subject. Then my family. Then my friends. And then other people’s families. And then my own child. That was the moment I knew THIS was what I wanted to do.

I want to capture those ever important memories for you and your family. Whether that family be you, your significant other and your dog or your family of 10! I feel you cannot have too many photos of your family. Years pass by and we all change so much, without even realizing. Watching my own daughter grow from day one to day 365 really showed me how much we change and grow. Photography is my passion. I cannot escape it. When I am not taking pictures, I’m researching the newest things in photography and the greatest photographers.

It’s important to find a photographer who can capture your family exactly how they are and to create timeless photos for you. I would describe myself as being a lifestyle and a portrait photographer. I will pose you, but I will also try and capture those very real moments of you kissing your sweet newborn or of the smile your child gets when they see their favorite person (you). These are the moments we don’t want to forget.

A little about myself…
My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She keeps me young & keeps my eye sharp. My family is the most important thing to me. Music is a great pleasure in life as well. I do enjoy reading a good book, when I can find time. I have about 8 books that I have started reading that have yet to be finished. Guilty pleasures include Indie movies on Netflix and a nice glass of wine. I also love food. All kinds. I would say food is my second passion. Sweaters are my favorite thing to wear, I love the cozy feel.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Petersen Photography

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